Protect Your Real Estate Investment

In my more than 20 years as an attorney, I have represented individuals and small businesses with their real property concerns, whether that involves the purchase or sale of real property, lease or rental agreements, deed transactions or title changes. If you need an attorney with practical and courtroom experience to handle your real property transaction or questions call my office in Simi Valley at 805-624-4431.

It is important that real estate documents be as clear and comprehensive at the outset, to avoid problems down the road. Too often, real estate issues and disputes can rapidly become complicated and expensive if they are not addressed early on. Disputes may arise due to a failed purchase transaction, disagreements over purchase agreements, changes to title, or unique contractual needs to handle an unanticipated or extraordinary circumstance. Therefore, it is key to retain an experienced real estate attorney at the transaction stage, to avoid costly and difficult problems later. Alternatively, you may only need a transfer of ownership (i.e. a deed), and I can quickly and competently prepare that for you, too.

Real Estate Agreements

I have represented clients in numerous real estate agreements, and I have the knowledge and expertise needed to handle this potentially complex area of law.

I am also available to review purchase agreements, prepare changes or additions to agreements and negotiate real property transactions when you need legal expertise to see the deal through.

Real property issues may also arise when creating or updating your estate plan. My experience as an estate planning lawyer can uniquely help you make the right decisions with respect to the title and disposition of your real property.